A deeper look at Leadership Coaching learning concepts

Leadership Coaching Foundations

As you examine the foundations of coaching, you’ll also explore how learning occurs through an iterative process of conceptualization, experience, reflection and integration. You’ll examine the conditions required for learning to happen because not all experiences will trigger learning. Topics include:

  • Coaching’s grounding in adult learning theory and practice
  • Defining coaching and how it differs from mentoring, consulting, feedback and therapy
  • The Coaching mindset and barriers to achieving it
  • Knowing what you know and don’t know: applying Gordon’s Model
  • Curiosity as a learned skill
  • Four Levels of Active Listening
  • Asking powerful questions
  • Defining a coaching presence

Creating Awareness

You’ll examine how to be fully present with clients to build the trust and establish authenticity. Topics include:

  • Mental models
  • Perspectives coaching
  • Ethics of coaching
  • Establishing trust and understanding the importance of transparency
  • Uncovering values and coaching using values
  • Designing the coaching relationship
  • Values-based coaching

Language & Emotion

Skilled coaches employ language intentionally and carefully to facilitate purposeful conversations with clients. Topics include:

  • Coaching communication skills
  • Coaching emotions
  • Ladder of Inference theory & its application to coaching
  • Designing actions
  • Managing progress and accountability

Performance and Change

You’ll apply coaching skills and strategies, including a review of assessment tools, to hold clients accountable for their progress and to achieve their performance goals. Topics include:

  • Reflective and Reactive Observation
  • Using assessments in coaching
  • Change and Personal Change Journey
  • Team Coaching

The Process and Business of Coaching

In this final module, you’ll examine the business of coaching, and you’ll develop your own personal coaching brand that incorporates your unique experience, insights and strengths. Topics include:

  • Coaching in organizations
  • The economics and business of coaching
  • Coaching in internal and external environments
  • Completing the coaching relationship
  • Coaching program review

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